YZ 2010 starting procedure

I feel stupid even asking this but... I have been riding/racing 2t my whole life and the '10 YZ 450 will be the first 4t I've owned, (when it shows up??) and my question is- what is the official starting procedure, besides not touching the throttle. Finding TDC, then.... Thanks!

For one thing, it's not top dead center (TDC) you're looking for, it's the start of the compression stroke; the "hard spot", if you will. There's a huge difference.

Push the starter until you encounter resistance, reset the lever to the top, and kick it through compression. Normally, you would do this with the throttle closed, but if it refuses to start in a couple of kicks try it with the throttle opened very slightly. If it's cold, use the cold start button (choke).

Yup exactly what gray said. Compression stroke is def key. Slight throttle if needed.

Thanks guys! Now I just need the bike to come in.... guess you gotta be fast or know someone to get one. I put a deposit on a blue one in October!

Find the hard spot and give it a good kick and Braaappppp. Mine started in two kicks yesterday 22 degrees and has not been started in almost three weeks! I am not sure why people are having a hard time starting the 2010!!!!

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