Been trying to figure what happen to diamondback, check this out


Looks like this is what shut them down all summer, and not there's another 6 month halt on all paases for historical revovations. Not positive but this is probably the OK, just no until june.

The Decision dismissed the action regarding whether the Town was wrong in not considering the project under its site plan review and everything else except one small point. The portion of the case still surviving is the question whether "SEQRA applies to the Respondent's determinations regarding a nonparty's change in use of their property to a 'motocross race track…' "See the first paragraph of page 5 of the decision.

He thinks that the judge may be bit confused on the SEQRA issue---he actually did address that in his first motion to dismiss, saying that SEQRA is not applicable because it is not a stand alone law-there must an underlying application or petition. Since the judge already ruled that we correctly did not get involved, then there is no application and thus SEQRA can't even get started.

here's the link, scroll down its in the december 15th notes below dec 1st

They were going to open this past summer, looks like at best they'll be open in July, I can't tell though form the minutes if they were shut down e town, or if the town is for and they past owners of the property are against it. I think the later is the case but I'm not an attorney.

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