Better desert gearing for KDX

Hey guys i rode a new to me kdx220 for the first time last week and wanted to get some opinions on what gearing to run for the desert. right now it seems like i can only go about 2ft before having to shift outta first and the other gears are really short as well. i am coming off of a drz400s so these gear seem really short to me. would changing the gears out help or should i just realize that the kdx has short gears but has a 6th gear for higher speed runs and will just have to be shifted like crazy?

While I love a KDX, its more of a woods/trail bike than a desert bike. Going to a 14t counter sprocket might help though. If you send the head and carb off to RB Designs Ron can get you a lot more top end out of that 220.

i ride a drz and a kdx200 in the dez, you are just not going to get the speed the drz has, the kdx wont pull really tall gearing, especially if you run sandwashes like i do. gear it too tall and it looses its single track appeal, it does have a ridiculously short 1rst gear, i ussually start in 2nd

what is the stock gearing? ive seen a few threads with different answers. would going one tooth smaller in rear be a bad decision? i just want a little more speed out of the gears and it will be perfect. heck i still need to check and see what gearing i even have on there. guess its time to count teeth.

It takes about 3 teeth on the rear to make an equivalent change to 1 tooth on the front sprocket. Not very much difference in 1 tooth on the rear. I'd either go with a 49-50t rear or a 14t front and give that a try.

I think 13/47 was stock on your 220.


Go up 1 tooth on the front and try it. It's cheap, quick, and usually your chain will still fit. You might have to loosen your chain. If you go down a couple teeth in the rear, you will probably have to take a link or two out of your chain.

^^^ thanks guys i will probably try that and see how that works. it's just tooo low of gearing right now.

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