Yesterday was make-or-break day at SpeedWorld with the 426.

The night before I had made some adjustments to the forks that I hoped would make a difference on this day. After all, I had lined up the cash to buy an 01 CR250 if I could not come to terms with the beast and I think she knew I was gonna kick her to the curb as she performed great!

For some reason I had a brain fade when it came to dialing in my forks like I had done on previous CR's.

To get rid of the mid-stroke harshness ADD FLUID!! It sounds backwards but it works, I learned this from MXA (shhhhhhh).

Oil level limits on the 01 426 are this: 80mm to 150mm. I made the mistake of asking the tech when they warrantied my seals to put in LESS fluid, to decrease harshness, he set it at 140mm. Wrong move, as they were much worse as reported in an earlier saga. COOP suggested 110mm and another local suspension guy says he sets his at 90mm. So that night in the factory I decided to experiment. I did not want to go through the hassle of removing my forks and setting fluid level (even though COOP detailed another way, I will try later, thx). So I busted out my trusty mid size syringe and doing my best guestimations 4 FULL size syringes of HONDA fluid were quicky added to each leg. She swallowed them up just like a prostitute on main street! LOL Doing some wacky calculations (don't ask!) I figured it to be in the 100-90mm range, and set the compression clickers out 15 (max is 20). It has always been my belief that the more open your clickers are the better your forks work as more fluid is being passed through the valving, hence the added fluid treatment.

Back out to the track. It worked great! Not one clicker adjustment all day, no harsh mid-stroke or bottoming, and I now had confidence in the front end, which I have never had before. I also attacked the track differently and let the 4-stroke advantages (engine braking and awesome motor) work for me instead of fighting it and trying to ride like a 2-stroke. We just clicked yesterday and dicing with 2-stroke riders, I found that I was happy to be on the big girl as I roosted away from them on corners. There was a new off camber section that the bike worked excellent on and it stuck like glue. I have come to realize there are places on the track where the 4-stroke is an advantage as well as a disadvantage and you just have to gas it extra hard in those situations. Anyway….. I'm keeping her, SORRY VOLBASS!!!!!



Do you think we will see VOLBASS around here?

I think not!!! LOL :)

Anyway, I'm happy that you found a fork setting that work, it's no wonder that with no confidence in the front end you didn't like the blue beast...

If you want to cut and slide you might want to try lower gearing. I run a 51 rear bur I have a set of oversize valves and a ported head, so it like to rev.

Have fun!

Another thing you can do to help the handling is get rid of the stock front tire.

I am running a Dunlop 756 front and the handling is almost night and day better.

Big difference.

Damn!! I had the money and the hotel reservations to drive down and pick her up!!

Well you can still come on down for a ride...

Yes I replaced the stocker after the 3rd ride, because I had to!!! Landed short off a jump right on a jagged rock and sliced my tire. Now I don't feel so bad. LOL

One thing about the rear is I can't believe the mileage I'm getting out of it! Is this a four stroke thing? :)


the Dunlop ??? 739G ya I was shocked at the wear I got out of it also. I talked to an old yz400 racer and he still uses the 739G, he said out of all the tires he used on his thumper the 739G was a real good middle of the road tire and wore like iron. I've been using differnt tires and am on a 756 now, i'm not that pleased with it myself(for rear) I just might go back to the 739G myself


True that #%@* front tire came off after my first ride, myself I've always been a fan of the dunlop 755 myself

Try the M78 or it it's loose the M58. has them for 53.95 each.

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