YZ Restore

Okay, so can’t ride for a couple of moths due to knee surgery (Not Bike Related), then I have vertigo issues (again Not Bike Related). So I have been living in the garage. Over the Christmas break I restored an 86 YZ125 that I got off of Craig’s list for $125. I don’t try to restore a bike to a new status, but to one that is very mechanically sound and that no one would embarrassed to throw a leg over.


It was actually one of the better bikes that I have restored. Most of the parts that are usually neglected (linkages, bearings) were well maintained. It did have some of the usual problems like broken exhaust hangers, destroyed chain guide and worn out chain rollers. However, I was able to modify parts from other bikes or make others. One thing I learned is that the Clymer’s was wrong on repacking the silencer. After some modifications it is now easy to repack. One trick I learned is that Mop N Glow is a great plastic restorer. Give the offending plastic a light sand with 600 grit or higher sand paper or even 0000 steel wool to get off the top oxidation, then apply multiple coats of the Mop and Glo and the plastic will look great. It was a fun little project, but I’m not sure what I will do with it (main bikes are a 06 KX250f and a 90 RM250). I thought that I might try to lower it for my wife, she rides a TTR125, but at 5’ nothing it probably wouldn’t work well. I may just hang on to it because I really like the old 2 smokers.

So do I!!!

Bikes like that were not that old when I was a kid, and anything MX at that time (1995) was the coolest thing ever to me.

I love looking at the old bikes, reminds me of how much I loved them when I was a kid. My family could never afford an MX bike at that time, but I always loved checking them out in the mags. I remember thinking that anything water cooled with a monocross suspension was awesome in my book, regardless of age.

Still holds true!!!

Very cool bike, and nice work!

Mop & Glo works well for a shine, a little trick to restore it is to use a spray bottle with ammonia to remove the wax and then re-wax after washing.

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