Cow Monday 9am "ish" Ukiah Side


They just opened Cow, staging at 9am-ish Monday 15th:banana:


Dude that is so sweet. I'm going tomarrow around 1 pm . I haven't ridden in over a month. I need to get my dirt bike fix.

Hey, You guy's are going to have a great day. I went today and it was awesome. I guess alot of people don't know it's open so mums the word. I launched from the lakeport side and did 25 to 23 to 20 to 19 to 11 to and back on 14 and 17. It's really slippery and alot of downed tree's but it's great riding.

If work is slow tmw I might make it up there but I won't know until tmw at 8am. If not then probably next weekend for sure. Enjoy your rides tmw guys if I don't see you up there. :ride:

Cow had some great riding conditions today. I started on the west side. The

first part of 14 had some big trees down. So I had to hit 1 till I could link up with 14

again. 26,16 24, 4,5 are all in good shape. Here is some pics from my ride.








Man those conditions look perfect. Can't wait to hurl my bike & body at some of those downed trees. :ride: Wish I could have made it up but got to work instead. Thanks for the report Brennan! :ride:

I just got back from the desert, fun change but I would rather ride Cow...

:ride: Man, Looks like I will have to wait another week before I can ride. Just in time for the next storm front to bome though:foul:

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