Starter/Electrical/Battery Question

NOTE: I have not gone throught the free power upgrade checklist yet.

Ok so I have my DRZ on a battery tender....I am buried under snow right now. And the light shows green.

I figure that I should start it every now and then.

I go and hit the button and buzz, buzz, buzz.

Ok, so it is the battery, I assume is weak.

I put my good car battery charger on the DRZ battery (this has a small battery selector), and I was able to start the bike, however the starter rolls over very slow, then I stop, hit the button and nothing, then I poke it a couple of times kinda rapidly and it is as if the starter or relay is not getting a good connection it would click and the starter would spin and then buzz buzz and then the starter rolls and kinda rolls slow and then it spins faster, the motor bumps and then the starter slows way down. I get it started and check the battery with multimeter....with no headlight 12.8V, with headlight on low 8.6V and with headlight on hi 9.5V??????

I bought this bike from a very respected forum member and the bike is built and well taken care of, but I think there might be a bit of sketchy wiring going on...I have not touched the bike other than oil change.

I will go through the FAQ step by step, but do you have any ideas....doesn't seem like it is just the battery with the starter dragging so slow/fast/not rolling over, or maybe it is?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

your batter is bad

the tender cant fix it

Sounds to me like the battery is shot out like Iowa states.

the tender is there to help provent the batter from doing bad

but if the battery is bad the tender can't fix it

Ok, well that sucks...the battery is only 1 year old, oh well....I am still going to do the free power FAQ thing just to check everything.

Clean and tighten the battery terminals

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