K760 Trakmaster II WR250r

I got a set on my WR250r. What psi should I start out with.


North NJ PA, Hardpacked with lots of rocks and roots....

South NJ sand, sand and more sand....

I have a feeling if I don't get it right I'm going to rip that rear tires apart..


I'd start at close to 20 on the street. If they feel funny back it down a little.

Then start at 12 on the dirt and work your way down.

If I know I'm going to riding alot of dirt and road on the same ride I keep them at like 15-16 so its not wobbly and squirmy on the road.

I got 20r and 16f right now. The front felt really heavy in turns..


The Kenda TMII is fantastic on the rear (11-12 PSI dirt), but less than desirable on the front. Try a Pirelli MT-16 (street legal) on the front and report back. :ride:

dont go too low if you don't have rimlocks. that's a softer tire

You'll find that tire will wear fast if you run pavement a lot too. They melt off pretty quick.

I eat tires on all my bikes so I don't care about that to much. + I don't drive so all I have are my bikes. ;-)

I got rimlocks...

well, with rimlocks, you can run `em down low low low! to a point, about 5 psi is about as low as i like go , just bring a bicycle pump with you and experiment

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