Good Price for 2009 TE 250


I found a leftover 2009 TE 250 at a dealer and wondered what people think is a fair price. Dealer is asking $4500.00 + tax.

I have never owned a Husky before but have read great things about them on this forum.

Only thing that concerns me is I weigh 240lbs and hope the bike has enough grunt. I realize I will have to get some suspension work done. Planned use is light trail riding and maybe some hare scrambles.

Thanks for the input.


Uh...ya...that's an excellent price and you would be hard-pressed to find a lower one. Let me guess, Heinen's? That's where I got mine...nice people.

If its Heinens they'll want a set-up fee too beyond tax, lic ect. I believe they do have the lowest prices just about anywhere though.

fitness2go, how do you manage that from Washington?

Good deal. I paid $4800 for a 08 last August.

Lots of top end power. The bottom end well.... If you can afford it step up and get the 310

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