New Bike CRF450

Tell me what you think, finally made the switch from 2-stroke to 4-stroke and am loving it!:ride:





Sweet!! What year is it?

It is a 2004.

nice! that bike looks sick

Absolutley Badass!!!

love the white plastics.

nice bike. are those plates powdercoated

Yeah my buddy has a powdercoat machine and oven, we got bored one night when we were drinking in his shop and decided to powdercoat them.

how do they hold up

Had them on there for awhile and the plates show no wear the cover does on the other hand

Sick bike, do you race mx?

If not, I would still take a 2t lol..... But what is important is that you are happy....

Yeah I race but I do more free riding at the dunes or some of our tracks here at home, I had a KX250 it was fun and explosive but I am liking the smooth powerband of the thumper

nice bike for mx I suppose, good luck.

A lot nicer than the bikes I had before.



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