can I run Dirt Tires on the street?

I am a nut about traction. I probably replace my tires too soon. I have moved and now having a tag on my bike I was pleasantly surprised to find a extensive ridding area about 10 miles from my house. Will I premature wear out my dirt tires running up and back home the 20 miles on the street?

Depends on the tire and the traction that you want. I run Michelin DOT knobby tires (Desert front, BAJA rear) and ride on the highway to get to canyons, etc. They wear well and provide great dirt traction. Dunlop 606's also wear well, but I haven't used them so I can't say from experience how well they work in the dirt. I have heard mixed reports.

Braking and cornering at the same time on asphalt with knobbies is different. You have think ahead and get use to how they handle.

I have been riding legaly on the street for over 10 years. I usually run more air pressure when riding on the street, otherwise the tires wear faster with normal air pressure. Soft terrain/mud tires don't hold up well on pavement, but intermediate or hard terrain tires do. I use normal non DOT tires, the seem to hold up almost as well as the DOT tires, but the cost less.

In my opinion yes you are going to chew tires up faster running on the street. I got my yz on the road last year and was amazed at how much faster they wear. Road ridding wastes knobies. Not at 1st but you'll notice it after a while.

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