03 250ex stuck in gear and won't spin wheels


I just bought a 03 250ex. A hour after I got home I took it in my yard into the snow. I got stuck and it spun for a second, and I was in second gear. Then the wheels stopped spinning, and I wason the throttle, so I put it in neutrel and upshifted to first gave it some gas and nothing. It revs but no wheel spin. Then it stalled in first and now it won't downshift to neutrel.

Anyone know what the problem is? And how hard it would be too fix.

do you guys think its possible that i blew the clutch?

anyone have any ideas? i need all the help i could get.

Make sure you have free play in clutch cable it possable that it hang up keep it engage.

Jack it up can you put in gear by moving the rear wheel.

Pull the clutch off spin the rear wheel if center is moving then check clutch disc for Manual Clutch setup.

If your is a semi-automatic then it maybe in Centrifugal Clutch Shoes or it engage.

yeah mine is semi. thanks for the help anyone else have any ideas?

do you guys think its in the gear box? i could get a whole bottom end to a engine for 250. how hard would it be to swap it?

hey guys i just took off the clutch cover and nothing was wrong. so do you think the next step is pull the motor and check the gear box? if i pull the engine what should i look for in the gear box


get new clutch plates

how would i get it out of gear then? pull of the clutch plates then try to shift it?

Thanks for the help.

loosen the adjuster thingy on the clutch. if it has one

i did that already i think ill take your advice and get new plates

If I remember correctly the 250 is shaft drive Have you checked to make sure you didnt snap the u joint on the dive shaft.

no havent checked yet i will

do you guys think its a shifter fork? how hard would that be to change

the rear wheels are completely locked up since its stuck in gear the shouldnt move right? since they dont move could it be a locked differential

Then I start rip the back end off

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