CVK carb on a DR650??

Time for another not so popular idea from cheapo' Dave!

I have been lusting for an FCR carb, but it looks like it's just not in the stars (or the checking account) anytime in the near future.

Still, I've been shopping around and doing some research. It looks like a fairly popular carb with the DRZ guys is the CVK 40 from a KLR/KLX 650. They seem to think it's a good improvement over the BST that came on their bikes, better throttle response and no surging... plus the carbs are much cheaper (I've found one off a 2008 KLR w/<10,000 miles for under $100).

It's got me wondering if it's a good alternative to the BST 40 on the DR. I've not seen where anyone had tried the swap on a 650, but there is a fairly big thread over on the DRZ side about it.

Any thoughts...? I'm sitting here debating on throwing the money on the CVK, I'd hate to miss out if it would be worth swapping, but then again I'd have to waste the money if it isn't. (An FCR 37 is cheaper than the 39 (still more than the CVK 40) and I've heard they work fine on the DR 650.. so:confused:)

To me it's replacing one CV evil with another. :ride: You also can't assume the jetting will be correct so you may have time and money invested in that process.

Still, it would be an interesting read if someone were to try it out... the funny thing is there have been DRZ guys over here looking for BST40's. What, are they daft? :ride:

Yeah, replacing one CV with another is not that great of an idea in my mind, and certainly not worth $100-ish.

If you're not going to a flatslide of some sort, work on tuning your current CV carb. Has anyone gone to the slide spring and needle from a GSXR-1100? Since they are the same carb, I would think that might work pretty well actually.

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