2010 Bike???????

I have been a long time fan of 2-strokes and have heard all about the maintence $ involved with a thumper and I have never liked the engine breaking of a 4 stroke. Having said that I find myself wanting a NEW (not new to me) bike. I currently have a heavily modified 02 cr250 (the only upgrades I could do is A-kits and a few more ti pieces). With the new am ama rule of a true 250 class a 450 would allow me to race more classes. I what I hear about the ktm and it has e-start (and is still lighter than the Kawi), I like the looks and what I hear about the engine of the Kawi, I like the looks of the honda the most but from what I hear everything else is junk on it, I hear the Zook has the best chassis, If Service made a 09-10 framed bike I would like the looks but it wouldn't help with the 2 class thing.

So I guess I am looking for your opinions on, handling, reliability, power.....

Any advice would be apreciated thanks.

There's a few 09' KTM 250 XC's for sale on ebay and cycletrader for $6500. Damn good deal! If I had the cash I'd do it in a heartbeat! On second thought, I don't know what type of riding you do. I have heard the Kawa has an unbearable sound and isn't great in the corners. The YZ won the Dirt Rider shootout. Personally, I'd never buy a 4t just because I see too many guys at the races getting towed by trucks cause they can't start their bikes. It gives me a good laugh seeing them kicking it 100 times and my bike starts second kick everytime!

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