VERY URGENT!! KX250(2t) rekluse?

I just recently bought a 96 KX 250,

and im very curious to find out if i can run

a Z-start, or Z-start pro on my bike..

i looked online and only found bikes 02 and up that can use these clutches/

is there anything that could bolt up to mine aswell

If so it would be a life saver.

i do really(!!!!) tight single track in B.C. woods

and i am slowly modding my bike for it

but i really want a rekluse, only because its perfect for what i do:thumbsup:

cause usually i like the clutch.:ride:

any help?:ride:

Dunno, call them and ask? Pretty sure EFM makes an auto clutch for the older KX's.


thanks juliend

ill check them out.

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