IS 4995 plus tax a good deal on a 08 wrf450f??

Am thinking about a new bike, and stumbled on this deal at the local shop. I currently have an 04 200exc and have never ridden a 450 4-stroke. Kind of unsure as to how much different it would be. Any suggestions?

...Also bike is new

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I paid $4599 plus tax/title OTD back in 5/08. Inventory is starting to drop and dealers going out of business, plus dealers are not advertising sales so it's hard to say on the price. The bike hasnt changed since 07 so as long as your happy with it go for it! In fact, the more I think about it I would buy it. You're getting a new WR450 with older graphics for less than you could get a 09 for.

I love my 08. I have owned four WRs and my 08 has been my fav. You are getting a lot of bike for the money. Mine is street legal.

Oh, keep the 200 around.

The wr will be heavier and more luggable and much Faster. Still easier to ride except the tight wooded areas. The suspesion will be much better in stock form. I have ridden the 04 125sx and the 03 200sx. And in the last year have owned a 06 yz450f and now pilot the 09 yz250f. I have had good luck with the yamahas. The yz had a 100hrs on it when I traded it in.

WR's are great bikes, remember you have to uncork it before you can really ride it. yamaha sells them so corked up the are almost not rideable. look on some of the forums and the WR performace index pages, uncorkit and you will not be disapointed:thumbsup:

That sounds like a great deal to me. I have an 08 with 33 hours on it and for the most part I really like it. I had a 200 exc and then a 250 exc. I have had a bit of a learning curve going to the WR in the woods. From no engine braking to quite abit. The bike feels longer and heavier when you're riding the really tight trails with no flow to them. But it has killer traction and when you're moving it doesn't feel heavy at all and it plows through things that the 2 strokes deflect off.

It just depends on what you ride. If you ride 100 % deer and goat trails it is a big bike. A combination of terrain it is a great bike. Which is why I bought it and it should last a really long time.

After giving it alot of thought myself, I decided to shy away from a dealer and bought a used bike. I got my 05 wr 450 with 800 miles on it for only 2600. With a little looking around u could definately find a comperable deal even if u want a newer deal. Just look around a little and be patient. Just because u buy a bike at the dealer doesnt mean its not gona have any problems. Some people told me that a couple grand more could have bought a new bike. I told them a couple grand sounds like alot of fun ridin to me.

Well I picked up the bike yesterday:ride: All the free mods were done at the dealership. Took it out to my friends property and rode around his loop. Bike is great, but need to figure out the jetting and suspension(weigh 225 w/gear:eek:). Any suggestions??

AIS removal kit and jets then JD jetting kit. Will run really well.

0.48kg/mm fork springs and a 5.8kg/mm shock spring and it'll handle great for your weight too.


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