01 Suzuki 125 or 05 yz125

Found two bikes 10 minutes from where I live. Ones is a 01 Suzuki 125 for 1300 and a 2005 yz125 for 1600. Both are in very good shape except the yz has a crack in the back wheel but it still holds air. They both have aftermarket handle bars, but the Suzuki also has a v frce reed valve and other mods while the yz is completely stock. So which is the best deal? I would guess the yz but I wasn't sure with the upgrades on the Suzuki.

Ill just let you know, that Im very happy with my 05 yz 125. I love the power delivery and I love the way it is in general, but I have no experience with suzukis. Is the rim cracked, or the tire? If its the rim you need to change it out for a new one before you ride on it, or else youll be jumping and next thing you know your rim is ruined. To sum it up you would be very happy with the 05 yz 125, but im not putting down the suzuki.

i'd personally go with the yz, most definetly get that rim changed

i'd personally go with the yz, most definetly get that rim changed

agreed +1...i have owned them both...the 05 yz125 is a lot nicer bike...much stronger bottom end and the suspension is a lot better also :ride:

Go with the YZ, much better bike compared to the older RM. I loved my RM but that is a pretty good deal for an 05 YZ125. I would just get a rim off ebay, you can usually get stock silver ones cheap and lace it up yourself.

gotta love rm's but i would go for the newer (and most likely lower hour) bike...the 05 yz is an awesome machine! feels like a mountain bike :ride:

my neighbor also has a 2003 cr250 for 2000, possibly 1800. the cr and the yz are both in great shape (except the cracked rim on the yz) with the same amount of hours. Which is the best deal between those two? i feel just as comfortable on 125's and 250's so it just comes down to which is the better deal. so what do yall think?

i also found a 2000 kx250 for 1000 but it sold right before i came to look at it. That has nothing to do with the thread but i just had to get it off my chest lol

id definately go with the yz 125 ride it for a year and you could still sell it for $2500 no problem next season

i just bought an 04 rmz 250 ......i had an 01 rm 125 2 stroke before im startring to think i shoulda stayed with the two stroke!

I know the 03 cr 125's were known for a kind of sluggish motor, im not 100% sure if that transferred over to the 250's also. Its just preference seems like a 125 might be better for you, but who knows maybe your more comfortable or faster on a 250.

yz for sure

i would offer 1000 for the rm, if he doesnt take it get the yz

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