compression at 240#?

I am planning on getting my squish band altered on my 98 cr250. In doing so it was recommended to do a compression test so I did and got a reading of 240#. I thought maybe my gauge was whacked so I invested in a good MAC tools guage and got the same reading. This seems pretty high to me. The procedure I used to test was warmed up engine, took off gas tank, held throttle wide open and kicked until the needle quit moving - about 15 kicks. My bike has an oem replacement cylinder, wiseco piston and what I assume is a stock head. I run the premium pump gas and have never noticed any detonation. Piston and cylinder have about 30 hours of operation. Anybody know if 240# compression is normal or if I did the test wrong?

you did test correctly

I've read compression numbers will vary depending on guage design (e.g. how much the threads extend into combustion chamber). Perhaps you have 2 gauges that read high. Many other posts mention readings over 200#. 240# is at high range for a stock engine. If it runs good on pump prem, i wouldn't worry about it

Maybe previous owner milled head. Measure squish, if it's less than 50 thou, i'd guess head was milled, or high compression head and base gaskets were installed.

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