cr 125 1st gear slipping... plz help

it feels like my first gear is slipping/or the clutch isnt fully disengaging... it only happens when i try to start the bike or in low rpms,when in low rpms it feels/sounds like 1st gear wont engage good but no prob when i get on the pipe.. when i try to start it in 1st sometimes it will start and sometimes it wont but if i put it in neutral or 2nd then it starts everytime.... shift fork?clutch pressure plate????? idk plz help

It sounds like your clutch basket is grooved. That is easily checked. Pull off your inspection cover and look at the tangs on the largest diameter in your clutch assembly. They should be straight, no waves or grooves. Best of luck.


make sure the cable is not adjusted to far out

mine did the same thing

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