JD Jet Kit Needle

Just thought I'd throw this out there...anybody with a JD Jet kit and living in higher alititudes that has a low altitude needle (the blue one I think) laying around and would like to sell it to me?

I have a DynoJet kit in mine and I just can't get rid of this annoying 1/8 throttle (low speed) surge. A while back Eddie suggested I might have the wrong needle. It was the one that came with the DJ kit but who knows, anything could happen when packaging.


I had the DJ kit on my DRZ stock carb and it was great. I got a FCRMX and actually have another FCR (not in use) that I replaced it with and never had a problem with my DJ kit on the stock setup.

What jetting are you running and where in NJ are you?

Here's what I have:


22.5 pj (because of the Keintech fuel screw)

2.75 turns out on the fuel screw

Uni Air Filter

3x3 mod

just installed a full Muzzy exhaust

The rest is stock. I live in norther NJ...according to my GPS, 234 ft. elevation.

The surge occurs at low speed (between 25-30 MPH) When I commute to work, I go through some areas with schools and the 25 mph speed limit is highly enforced so the problem is more pronounced. Other then that, it runs like a bear.

you should use a 160 main jet

if you have an SM DJ needle should be on the 2nd clip if you have an S should be the 4th. Maybe try the third to cure it....

Also, you may want to test your pilot circuit. If you can adjust the FS down so the bike stalls and up to it almost or does stall its right if not try a 25 pilot.

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