Some questions...

Hi guys,

A few questions.

1. How high do you need to get to do basic tricks vs some advanced ones? I see you guys talk about hitting "50ft ramps" etc. I know you are talking about the distance you travel when airborne. But I never see height mentioned..was always curious

2. At what point do you need to look at building a wood or metal ramp? Based on the complexity of the trick you want to do?

3. Is it possible to do the basic tricks on dirt ramps?

After competitively racing sportbikes the past 5 years, I am ready to go back to dirt. I started trail riding at age 10, but never did any FMX etc. I am in my late 20s and just looking to have some fun. Maybe enter some (very) amateur freestyle competitions down the road for $hits and giggles if I happen to be able to bust out some basic stuff.

Thanks in advance guys

It really depends on you. If you can move quickly some tricks can be done on jumps as small as 10ft length and 3ft in the air. Heelclickers are one of these tricks. A good "small" jump is 40-50 ft distance and should put you up at least 6ft. It's hard to really give good advice because I don't know your true bike skills. I always suggest learning on dirt because you will encounter more varibles on it like ruts and bumps. Learning to deal with these will make you a better rider all around. As far as going to ramps again it depends on you. if there isn't a place for riding dirt jumps ramps may be your only choice. but if you get the chance to hit ramps make SURE you are riding with someone who has hit them MANY times and is in control and smooth. i've done shows with guy's who can throw a hartattack and on their next jump either over jump/ under jump or bone out ( nose high). these guys lack true riding ability. To really sum it up start small and progress and learn from people who truly know what they are talking about. Riding classes at your local track will help in fmx as well. Good luck and be safe.


Thanks for the response. I appreciate it. I've decided to ride my local trail (which has some nice jumps) and decide from there. I just want to have fun. I am 6'1 180lbs (lanky). Is this going to be harder for a taller guy?

as far as jumping no, your size isn't going to affect you, if you start doing bigger tricks it is harder for taller rider to do over the bar style tricks. But a former team mate of mine is 6'9 with his boots on and can do some over the bar tricks. it depends on your flexibility and speed ( movement speed that is). You may need to go to stiffer springs or crank the compression clickers in but thats about the only thing as far as your size.

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