WR 450 Throttle Stop

I have a 2003 WR 450 and I am looking for some advice on shortning my throttle stop? Is this a simple process or is it better to have it done by a shop? Does anyone one have a picture of this?

the throttle stop is easy to cut. it'll take about 15 mins tops to do. you figure the yz throttle stop is about $10 and the shop will probably charge you $35 so you save about $45 doing it yourself. heres a pic and other things to do to your WR. offroad.com the throttle stop is under the plastic cover on the kickstart side of the bike. it's in the back of the carb going up into the carb. it has loctite on it so it will take a little umph to get it out. it's an allan key head. cut 11 mm off the non threaded side. i painted the tip that was cut so it wouldn't rust. than put some loctite back on the threads and put it back in.

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