Nick in the fork tube, seal now leaking

I noticed my fork was leaking and i had just resealed them and only had a couple hrs on them ans only one is leaking the one with the nick, when i washed my bike after riding i noticed a small nick in the fork tube that is kinda sharp and im thinking that it cut the new seal, now is there any way i can fix that little nick with the sharp edge without replaceing the tube or sending it off to get it recoated or something, any help is welcome, and would be greatly appriciated

Iv'e seen this a lot on the USD forks that i have done( i do a lot of side jobs at home).Iv'e had some luck with a very fine file with a light touch to take off the high spot then use 1000 wet\dry abrasive paper to polish it out.

Some times it's worked,,sometimes it dosn't.

Thanks scalejockey. but could u tell me a little more about it, like how to use the wet/dry sand paper, like how much water do i use, since i dont wana screw this up cuz its my first time doing this, so maybe a couple steps in how to do this would be greatly appriciated.


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