what's it worth?

i just bought an 04 CRF250R with literally like 2 hours in it and all on the street. the motor was blown up because he just revvved it to the moon and held it there w/o breaking it in. i got it for a steal, but i was wondering what a bike like this would be worth with and with out rebuilding the motor. KBB says $2,590 for excellent condition but this bike is better than excellent, except the motor.

PS all stock except a graphics kit and a boysen AP cover.

1,000 with a blown motor

2,000 w/out.

1,000 with a blown motor

2,000 w/out.

Agree! :ride:

yup no more than a G. he must have been a real D bag, thats a dumb way to blow up a bike.

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