first vid compilation.

I got a wild hair one night (all night) to try and make vids of my kids. This is my sons. On the 100, it was his first year on a bike (2008) coming off quads. He immediately started racing, never have raced before and did well. I'm proud of him. Other pics is him on my KX250 this past year. He was out almost all year from a few injuries (one you'll see) so only got to race 3 races.

I did one on my daughter as well but trying to find a good song to match since the one I came up with isn't "licensed" to be on youtube. She raced a TTR 90 in fun class and her Husky 50 in 7-8. And is now just starting on her 65. I changed it to photobucket so now it has music.

Hope you enjoy.


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I have been lucky enough to ride the deserts of California, Colorado Rockies, the Black Hills of SD., and to this day nothing beats a ride with my 2 daughters, even if it's just down a gravel road.

I enjoy just watching and training them. I still ride a little but with some injuries, shrapnel, and just ailing pains, I can't ride for long. But nothing I love more than going back home to Pa every summer and pound the mountains.

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