closest area to Long beach

so i am having an early morning valentines breakfast tomorrow then am planning on riding. since i will be traveling AWAY from Rowher Flats and Gorman i am wondering if anybody knows any places to take my DRZ thats south of Long beach so that way i dont have to turn around and head back to Rowher. anybody know any spots i dont know of?

South of long beach is OC. There isn't any offroad riding in a city.

If you are Talking SM... You could go slightly north though San Pedro to PV drive South. Also... Pasao Delmar is a nice road. Right on the water Starting at Point Fermin light house, and head north to Royal palms beach... then turn right, go up to the next light, and turn left. That will take you though PV. Other than that... you will have to head to the foot hills. There is a bunch of nice SM riding thought the canyons. I personally liked carbon Canyon. (Brea to Chino)

If you want to go shouth... get past LBC, and get on highway 1 (PCH) and head South. It will stay on the water. Not much of a twisties ride... but it's a nice view. You can head south about 20 miles and hit Balboa. It has a nice beach, and some trendy shops. Also..on the south side of the peninsula there is a very small carnival. I recommend going into the "Dark Scary ride" if you are taking your woman for a ride.

Good luck

Actually there is some fun to be had in OC. But unfortunately the rain we have had has it all closed. You can ride Silverado canyon All through the hills from OC to IE on a plated bike. Now the bulk of it is non technical(mostly fire roads but some single track) but it is a beautiful ride with some awesome photo opportunities that will keep you riding for hours.

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