cr 250r '03' gearbox oil level

Can somebody please let me know how much oil a '03' cr250 takes . I just bought the bike and dropped the oil and just put in 800ml's because all my other 250 mx bikes took between 700 and 800 but i dont know how much it is suppossed to take since i never got a manual with it and it isnt stamped on the case like other ones had also . Any info would be greatly appreciated.

i had a '04 cr250 and it seemed that one was about 26oz, i dont measure oil in cc but you can convert it if you want. you really should buy a manual soon as you can.

My 04 CR250R holds 22 US oz (650cm^2) per the owners manual.

it could be 22oz. for some reason i thought 26oz but my memory is foggy.

Cheers i will convert it to cc's and change it again before my next ride.Thanx

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