valve and carb

what is the average cost to get the valves adjusted and to get the carb cleaned and adjusted

i would reccomend doing it yourself. its really easy to do with help from us on here and the owners/service manual. dont be afraid! if you were to take it to a shop im guessing it would be 2-3 hours of labor at probably 80 or 90 bucks an hour

i dont know how to adjust the valves and i realy dont want to mess it up and i there is somthing realy messed with my carb because me and my dad have tried changing the jets twice and it still doesnt like to idle. And it burned the last plug i put in it after about 5 hours of riding. Also it was imposible to kick over and even the electric start wouldnt turn it over but i took out the spark plug and now the compression is where it should be.

go to your local dealer and see if you can work with them and they will teach u how i did that with my local dealer and it only cost $40

or break it down into specific jobs instead of all at once.

Checking valves is one item - and easy. In the event that your valves are so tight that your kick and e-start don't work - you might need a whole valve job versus an adjustment.

Cleaning the carb - super easy. Just requires labor - disconnecting the sub frame, shock, front carb boot, throttle cable, hot start cable.

I recommend you just check your valves to see if the clearance is in spec. If they are in spec then no adjustment is needed. It is painfully easy to check your valves...simply remove your fuel tank, remove the spark plug wire, then remove the valve cover. There are several threads here on Thumper talk in both the 250X and 250R sections.

If the problem is with your bike not idling then I would look towards your pilot jet in your carb or your fuel screw adjustment. Before you mess with the carburator make sure your Hot start lever or cable is not held open.

Figure out each problem seperately and it is much more simple.

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