CRF 100 length?

This is kind of a dumb question but I hope someone can help me. I have a van that had been fitting my KLX mod in the back just fine and I'm hoping to go bigger. My buddies CRF 100 just barely fit in there today. I'm hoping to find out the end to end measurement on this bike. I'd like to go with a CRF 150r if it fits. Anyway, can anyone here give me the end to end measurement of a CRF 100?


I just measured my wife’s 2003 XR100 and its overall length is 74.5 inches.

Do you put it in the van straight or diagonal? Most people can get three full size bikes in there, albeit they are pretty crammed in there.

Thanks for the measurement. I think that's about the same as the big wheels CRF 150 R Expert.:ride::ride::ride:

Well, it's kind of funny. I actually put this in a wheelchair accessible minivan. My van, my girl's bike. KLX 110 with the two brothers swingarm and Zokes upfront fits perfect side to side. The CRF 100 just barely fit in there crooked.

Yep, my CRF150RB came in at about 74.5" or so.

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cool, thank you. I hear there's some real deals on those right now. I guess some of the dealerships have older models for cheap.

I saw a 2008 for $3500 and I offered him $3500 OTD and he said no, so I bought a used 2008 for $2000.

yeah, Hollister Honda just quoted me $3800 OTD for a 2007 small wheel. That's too much.

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