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Can't Get TT RSS Subscription/Feed to Work on Individual Forums

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This is a question about the ThumperTalk Forum itself...

I like to use RSS to keep up on new threads. I've been using Thunderbird as my reader. It used to work fine, and I subscribed to several individual forums, but it doesn't work now. I don't remember exactly when it stopped working, but I think it was around the time when the big site redesign happened.

The RSS feed works, for all new threads (all forums). But I'd like to be able to only subscribe individual forums, not all of them. The volume of traffic on the site is just too much to subscribe to all of them (hundreds per day).

Here's the URL I'm trying to use that doesn't work for me (when I subscribe initially, I get some threads, but then I don't get any new messages - ever):


On the advrider, the same URL works, and you can append forumids (e.g. &forumids=107, 29, 33, 12), so that the forums appear in the same feed. Note that my reader works great with the advrider RSS feed.

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