projector headlights on the ....Z.....

so after posting some up dated pics of my road worthy death trap........


Everyone wanted me to do a how to on my head lights so here you go feel free to ask all the q's you want I enjoy helping those enbetter there Z.

:ride: all right so here’s a cad draft beak down sorry no specs given only because there’s to many variables to take into considerion with the slightest change in parts.heres an exploded view first.startin at the fork end of the









So, the actual lights are those of M3? Passat work? My fiance used to have a passat. damn

I'm assuming the lights must work pretty good. How's your stator handle the extra wattage?

I love the look of those lights. Someday, I'm going to try to do the same. Thanks for the write up!


thanks the m3 and passet are same part # as for the extra watts i converted to hid 35 watts each so there isn't much extra to worry about.

I know you said it shrouded the light output, but I liked the look of the over/under setup. Was there a way to bring the shrouds back or lights forward?

i liked the over under setup better going to eventully do it with the projectors but really busy with work and i have to track some self contained lights first and no matter how i adjusted the old ones it just didn't meet my with anything i build if it dos'nt meet my expections it goes back to the r&d stage anything but perfection simply wont do. Check these out. I kept this in my favorites from a thread on TT.

those are some trick projectors but priceeee.thanks for the link though it gave me a good but still not throughly thought out idea.back to the drawing board thanks.

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