HUD Goggles - Anybody seen this?

that sure would be expensive to have a rock crack through a pair of those. nice idea though.

Looks cool, but it doesn't appear they have an actual product yet.

holy crap those are cool... someone should ask what they cost.

I was just about to, but theres nothing I hate more than entering my email somewhere and getting nothing but spam for the next 100+ years in my email.

Cool idea for sure. I'll take a pair 10 years down the road when they're not some ungodly price, and when fixing/replacing them wouldn't make me cringe when I pull out the $.

what info could it display that is relevant to mx though?

Dunno about MX but if you had your speed displayed you could better predict if you could pull off a particular jump etc?

For example if you practice enough and understand what speeds your hitting triples at it could save you an accident???

NOt to sure, I don't ride MX and I don't pull off jumps...

I could see it being great for the trails

what info could it display that is relevant to mx though?

Not everyone rides MX. I think it could/would be useful for enduros, trail riding, and dualsport.

I saw listed "Texting" and "Caller ID"....just what we need at the track, some guy texting!

I think it would be more of a distraction than anything... to be honest do we NEED this? theres other lap timers available that arent so "in yo face" and i'm sure the price is cheaper... same with better gps units

altho i'm sure one day in the future these will be "the shiznit" right now i'm skeptical

Funny, Just Imagine going over a 100 ft jump and you get a text or a call from you wife to bring home milk. They are cool.

Maybe the track could broadcast lap times, position, time behind leader, etc.

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