'98 Pro JR. Throttle Limiter?

I was sold a 98 KTM Pro Jr and the Guy told me there is a way to limit the throttle. Is this true? He said it was in the manual, but I looked and was unsuccessful. Any ideas? Thanks.

On the smokers, you can always plug up the exhaust w/ a fender washer, works pretty well.

My daughter ran her PW80 for what seemed like ages with it and currently has a KX with a fender washer in the exhaust, so far, so good. Can't wait till I can take that out though.

KTM makes a spacer that installs on top of the carb slide to limit how far the slide can open. It is easy to improvise this part, but make sure you don't do anything that will cause the throttle to stick.

Cool. Thanks for the info guys. Both posts very helpful. :ride:

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