should I buy 2001 kx 250?

Hey guys, it has after-market exhaust fmf sst head pipe and fmf power core 2 silencer. He's asking $1600 what do you guys think. I know these bikes have had problems with the lower shock bearing and rear wheel bearings, but do you guys thinks its a fair price.

Any other frequent problems with these 99-02 kx 250's?


Average blue book value for this bike is $1547.50. The low end is $1230. Hope this helps.


ok thanks, do you think I may be too small for a 250? I"m only '5"5 and 150lbs. I have not rode in awhile. should I get a 125 instead. I"m going to do both trails and track

Size is relative; a skilled rider can ride any bike. I'm 5'6" and ride a 250 with no problem, except for the dead engine start at a hare scramble. A small step stool fixes that. The ability to dab is nice but not absolutely essential. We all learn to adapt to our environments. If you have the cash you can always lower the bike. Happy trails.


Can't help you on your 01 but, I can tell you I've gone back to smoking on a 04-KX-250 and absolutely LOVING IT!!!

I know the smokers in my area are really priced high but, remember what he's asking isn't what he'll get. :ride:

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So it sounds like I'm gonna be on my tip toes trying to start this kx250. I offered him 1400 cash. He said he would consider it. If he accepts it, is this a fair price?

How much lighter are the 125's, same year?

only a few pounds, the 250 will be easier to ride. also you can lower the suspension an inch or so.

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