Tweqs custom graphics


Have you guys heard of There you can design your own graphics for your drz. They will print what you design and ship it for around 180 bucks. I recently started to work on my own desgin but I'm wondering; about the quality of these graphics; after all they are expensive. So my question is; do any of you have your design from tweqs on your bike? Is the print quality of your design good? Also if you can please post pictures.

i just got mine today from Tweqs, i custom made shrouds and number panels. The quality is very good but you may want to ask for color swatches because i have the white drz and their white template didnt match so i had to cut out the shapes. ill post pictures soon but overall i do like what they do. Also once you order they look over it and e mail you what itll look like and give you a chance to correct anything. also it took about a week and a half from when i ordered to receive it

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