Reusable oil filters?

I heard someone mention a reusable oil filter here. Where you'd get it? I looked in chaparral and asked at my yamaha shop, they've never heard of them.

Or maybe I just misunderstood, do yall reuse the regular paper filters? This seems rather risky to me.



Scott's Performance in Montrose California handles the permanent oil filters. These are claimed to be of a finer micron than stock and are made of stainless steel mesh. This is the same Scott's that makes the steering dampner.

The stock brass screen filter in the YZF can be cleaned and re-used many times. Many are still using the original filter in their '98 YZF's.

I've found I can get about 4 or 5 oil changes out of the stock type filters before the cheezy rubber seals start to get compressed. I use mineral spirits to clean it then use a rag to get the little flecks out of it.


I've re-used my oil screen dozens of times. The screen at the bottom of the oil resevoir has never been contaminated.


Tony Williams

YZ400F (98)

I reuse my metal mess oil filters also with no problems. I clean it with a spray can of brake parts cleaner, works great. Most of you probably already know this if you own a 2 smoke, brake parts cleaner works great for cleaning fouled spark plugs also. Spray it on, let it drip dry, and in just a few seconds you have a clean/dry plug. A new plug is always best but a clean spare plug sometimes comes in handy.

Paul in AZ

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