Questions about CZ dirt bikes

Hey all,

I'm a pretty young guy, but I'm very interested in vintage motocross and old-school bikes as a whole. I live in Russia, and we've got a lot of CZ's here, and they're much cheaper than more modern Japanese bikes. Being a full-time student with no job and not much in the way of savings, obviously this is quite tempting.

But, on the other hand, having owned more than one 20+ year old machine (Honda ATC's, among other things), I know just how big of a money pit it can end up being.

I'm pretty set on getting a CZ, and now I just have to decide what to look for, a 125 or a 250 (or a 413 :ride: )? I'm about 140 lbs, 5'10"... my past bike was a YZ125 from 1990 or so, and a 2001 YZ80 before that, so I'd like something about that size. Are all the CZ frames identical in size, or is the 125 noticeably smaller than the 250 and 413? Is the 413 too extreme for me? Which bike is better to setup as a woods/enduro type machine? Anything to look for (trouble spots) when examining the bike? Any inherent weak spots that I should check more often or replace outright?

Thanks for the help in advance!

i think the frame sizes are the same, buy a bigger bike..easier to maintain

i think the frame sizes are the same, buy a bigger bike..easier to maintain

Definitely what I was thinking. The 413 is pretty sweet but it weighs nearly 30 pounds more than the 125, I'm a little shocked at the difference in weight. Also, parts availability is probably a little tighter with the 413 as opposed to the 250.


Back to the internet to try and dig up some more info.

Go with the 250. The 125s are the same dimensions as the 250, but with the smaller displacement. I had a 74 CZ 125 back in the day and it had ABSOLUTELY no power. Any good TM or CR125 would run rings around it. The 250s were much more competitive.

The open bikes, as mentioned above were quite a bit heavier than the 250 or 125. They were not as good as the 250s but certainly better than the 125.

Go with the 250. When I was 20 years old I was 140 #'s and raced a CZ 250 in Germany for two seasons (1974 and 1975). Also rode a 400, but the 250 was better for me. The 125 is OK but a bit anemic.

The 250 can be made to be a very strong motor. Add a Mikuni and reed valve and pipe.

The suspension can be upgraded to Marazochi front (better valving) and Ohlins in the back.

I currently have over 40 CZ's stashed in my storage. TP to Falta's:thumbsup:

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