PVC Truing stand

Just thought I'd try to post a couple pics of a truing stand that I made. Works very well. It's stable, locks the wheel in place, and cost about $5.

http://<img src="http://s860.photobucket.com/albums/ab167/fish_nutz/?action=view&current=Truingstandleft.jpg">

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can't get pics to post

Picture no worky.



This it?

Looks nice!

Thanks man, I have such a hard time getting pics to post. Maybe its a Mac thing.

The hex side of the axle fits nicely in a 3/4" threaded coupler and the other end slides into a 1/2" threaded 3-way joint. I had to sand a bit to get the coupler to fit over the standard 3-way joint on the left side. Everything joined with a touch of Christie's Blue Glue. Went together in about 20 minutes.

You were posting the HTML link I think. No problemo. Try using the direct link and adding IMG tags to it.

You used that sprocket yet btw? I have one too that I bought when they were sellin em. Wondering how its holding up.

We've had this bike out only five days on this sprocket. Changed front/rear and chain at the same time. Not showing any signs of wear yet after some pretty hard acceleration on the track. I bought a couple extras, at that price--why not? I've noticed that some folks are trying to resell them for $45 a pop on KSL classifieds.

Yeah they sold like hot cakes. Good to hear its holding up well. I was stupid and only bought the one at the time in fear that it would get trashed in one ride.

I'm not sure why people are so afraid of lacing and truing wheels. It's a pretty simple pattern and only a matter of understanding the simple push/pull forces of the spokes. Lateral run-out and vertical adjustments are really easy with this simple stand. Saved me a lot of $$.

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