Sell my 2001 whole or part it out?

Anybody who has parted their bikes out have any advice? I know I could get a decent price for the engine. I just don't know how desirable the rest of the bike is.

maybe take some pics so we can help you? I have never parted bikes but I have parted cars before, the pics should help us help you get started.



Looks really clean for an 01'. I personally would hate to part it if it didn't have something like a blown motor or cracked frame. In the end you can potentially get more money for parting, if you're able to sell everything. There are a lot of people doing the same thing and other than the big stuff, it'll take a long time to get rid of it all. I'm not a fan of it.

What are you lookin' to get out of it?

PM me if your interested. I don't want this turning into an ad. Yes, the bike is in almost near perfect condition. Very little use.

Im not wanting to know for myself haha, I was just curious as to what kind of price you want to get out of it, then compare what you'd probably be able to expect from parting it.

Its really just a matter of are willing to take the time to try and sell all the parts individually or take a little dent in the profit to sell the bike as a whole. I would think you'll be able to get a fair price out of it in that condition, most people part em' cause they're toast.

I really have no idea what its worth. To the right guy 2k, but to some average guy wanting a 2t I'm sure he wouldn't pay more than 1200-1400 for it. So if I get the right guy, I'll come out alright, or I'll be better off parting if I think I'm gonna get 1700-2k locally.

You would be surprised how many people want to actually buy a whole bike. Especially as we are getting ready to roll into the spring and getting ready for the next riding season. People are going to start getting the itch and hunting for the right bike.

im looking around to get a new bike pm me what u want for it.

I think I might put the original plastics back on it. The black plastics were on the bike when I got it, plus the original stuff is still if good shape besides one crack. I think I will post pics of the 2003 build I'm doing and I could always throw the 01' motor and part with the 01' chassis and the 03' motor. I am just wondering if it's worth it, is the 01' motor really that much better? I can spend a little money on either motor so if I can make the 03' motor run just as well it would be easier to do. It also seems that the jury isn't out if the 03' motor is really all that bad.

Looks too nice to be a "parted bike". If anything put the stock parts you have back on it, sell teh bike and then post the extras you have. The plastic sells well and the pipes are getting crazy (if you have stock to put on). I use craigslist to look for stuff but Ebay will get better prices for you. My area (MI) that would bring 1500-1900 the way is sets. I'd like the pipe myself:ride:

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