About to look/buy a 09 250F

For my son: Currently have a 08 , 160 hrs, actually replaced it all so far and the last 10 hrs have been fine.

Anyway, looking at a 09 with 20 hrs. Pics look excellent. Ridden by a 35+ play rider. As far as I know nothing has been done to it He was asking 45 I said no way and might go 39. Any advice, normally do not buy used but these days cant help it.

If it means anything I just bought a new 09 Monster edition for $4800, albeit in Ohio. I looked at used myself and almost bought an RMZ250 (09) for $3200 but decided I felt better buying new this time. Plus Kawi has low financing right now, so I can play with their money instead of mine.

yea 45 is high if you can pick it up for under 4 I think it would be a good deal.

I got it at 4300 but came with a barely used leatt brace and Astar boots in excellent cond(correct size) and several misc gloves, goggles, stand, gear bag, misc things and a helmet we wont use.

I got a 2009 back in December for $3500. Barely ridden by a father on a farm.

I'm interested in the helmet if ur gettin rid of it.

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