Flat Rear Tyre on 07 klx 250. Please Help.

Hi all.

I am new to the bike repair game and certainly need some help.

I have just gone to the shed to get the bike out and found the rear tyre to be very flat i.e. almost off the rim. First thought was a puncture, but when I put the air compressor on, the air just rushes out around the rim.

After a closer inspection, there is a round hole in the rim with nothing in it. The valve stem is in place however.

Can someone please tell me what has happened?

Is it a missing rim lock stem? Can I fix it or do I need help?

Please help.

Thanks Kev.

First thing: is your bike futted with tubeless tyres?

Cos f they are not, then even without rim locks stem, the tube wud hold air.

If your tire is tubed, get it out and check for punctures.


second hole is rim lock, doesnt quite explain the air loss, but get one anyway.

The stock tube on our 07, had a really bad valve, so just chucked a heavy duty one in there.

Hope it helps,

Hi again.

I have had a closer look and it appears that the tube stem has ripped clean off the tube.

I assume this has happened because the rim lock bolt has parted company at some stage.

What's my next move now.

Thanks for the previous advice guys. I now think I know why the tyre is down.

Regards Kev.

In the US, the 06 and 07 KLX250s did not come equipped with rim-locks. The holes are there, but you have to add them yourself.

That said, it sounds like you spun your rim and ripped out your valve stem. This will happen if you run with low air or a flat.

Get a new tube and youll be back in the saddle in no time flat. :ride:



Yes get a new heavy duty tube and put in a rimlock while you're at it. When you put the tube in put a little air in it and rub baby powder around the tube, helps to not pinch the tube.

. When you put the tube in put a little air in it and rub baby powder around the tube, helps to not pinch the tube.

Agreed, good advice, hand cleaner also works well, but use somthing:thumbsup:

Thanks to all that responded to my questions.

I have removed the wheel and had a new tube and liner put back in.

It appears that I had a puncture at some stage and then rolled the tyre on the rim and ripped the valve stem off.

Thanks for the help and advice.


Rim locks are over rated...just max out the air pressure, I've never had a flat or a low tire and I have 13,000 miles on my bike. Just saying. :ride:

Good tire of your choice, heavy duty tube, rim lock, ditch the silly rubber band and put on a strip maybe two of good old duct tape, some heavy duty off roaders say leave the nut on the tire tube valve backed off a bit, lets the tube walk without tearing(as yours did). And off you go, somepeople get flats everytime they ride some go 20 years no worries. and always check pressures for conditions.

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