Bolt on performance is there anymore??

I own a 92 RM 250. Its got a fresh plated cylinder, new top end, FMF head pipe, FMF silencer, boyesen rad valve w/carbon fiber dual stage reeds. Its got everything that I can think of or find to bolt on to the engine or intake to make more power. Ive read about the Answer Roost Boost, and the IKat spark amplifiers, but.......... Im a little leary about them. Mostly the Answer Roost Boost, if they were as good as Ive read about them why doesnt Answer still make it?? The IKat is just to damb expensive $189 bucks for something that just resembles a spark plug wire. Is there anything bolt on item that I can think of or find for my year, make, and, model. Is there anything else Im missing.

I know its not all about the engine and horse power, but that is my concern at this time. Im working on getting the suspension too. Ive got a shock spring in the works for my weight, and same with the fork springs.

Once again is there any other BOLT ON engine performance item that I could or should have for a 1992 RM 250?

The roost boost and Ikat are a scam. BAck in the day (1989) the only mods we did were Metzler tires, Boyesen reeds and maybe a wiseco piston and rings.

If you had a lot of money to burn then you had some motor work done like porting and polishing and carb polishing which were very expensive at the time.

Today, knowing what I know now.... Boyesen reeds, good tires, send the suspension out and a MX or offroad riding class is the best money spent. Suspension and the classes alone could double you speed.

so the IKAT thing is just a scam?

Get the suspension dialed in for your weight, then learn to really ride the bike. If you're not running WFO all the time you don't need any more power.

Just my $.02. :ride:

Get the suspension dialed in for your weight, then learn to really ride the bike. If you're not running WFO all the time you don't need any more power.

Just my $.02. :ride:

+1, exactly!

Somebody has been reading my diary!:ride:

So more or less I should be happy with what I have for power. Which in truth is alot. It makes more power now than any other bike I have ever owned. I was just curious if there was more out there to add to the engine, that actually did something.

For sure suspension upgrades are next. But idealy I'd like to just loose 30-50 lbs and not have to worry about spending the money on new springs for my big fat arse. As for my suspention being dialed in its pretty good. I can go over a long set of uneven whoops and the bike doesnt have any tendancy to want to buck me off.

Lessons???? Your kidding right!!???? Actually its not a bad idea and there is a guy that offers lessons here in my area. Im just not sure if Im going to learn much more than what I already know, or remember. What Im interested in is applying the knowledge that I know or remember. Basically its boils down to me being able to ride more, so I can get better. I just need more hours in the seat.

Yeah, lessons go a long way. Unless you are an A rider then you can benefit a great deal from the lessons. proper technique will help you find hidden speed and even show you how to properly set up a bike for yourself. Hell, Even A-riders take advanced lessons and training.

How about a Newer RM250 engine, say 2004 and up....with those mods it would be either more powerful, smoother, or both.

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