Need Help!!

I just got a 2000 honda cr80 two stroke today. its my first dirtbike. I've never ridden one and really wanted to start. my boyfriend picked the bike and said it would be a good one but after reading some posts and about two strokes i dont think its a good bike to learn how to ride on. if you have any tips or pointers for me that would be great. i really dont wanna break any bones.

its not the ideal bike to learn on , wear boots , gloves , helmet , body armor .

As long as ya got plenty of space to'll get it. I wouldn't suggest starting off on a cliff, or in the woods.

As an above poster said...prolly not the optimum trainer, but small, and light.

just dont crack the throttle open and dont go somewhere where theres obstacles like trees and sharp corners or difficult terrain

and something beginners do often is they are heading for say a tree and the panic and just pin the throttle instead of slamming the brakes on, so when you feel youre going to crash or a obstacle ahead you dont think you can go over, stop

Take it easy and you will fine. Find some place wide open and practice hitting the throttle to get used to the hit. Once you can predict how the power comes on you will enjoy the bike.

I taught my wife and her sister to ride on my cr250, it is fine for the first couple of rides (before you have the guts to gas it), but just try not to get comfortable on it for a long time. When you get comfortable on it is when it is going to bite you. You will be not focusing and will get yourself into a panic situation and hit the gas instead of the brake and subsequentialy hit the ground. Also try and find a place that is kind of sandy or at least loose soil, it is softer when you hit it and the bike will also spin the tire rather than hook up and send you into the atmosphere.

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