fork oil capacity 95 kx 125

I just bought a 95 kx 125 and need to replace the fork seals and oil. I bought bel ray 5w fork oil. does anyone know how much oil each fork takes?

Thanks in advance.


Well I ordered the clymer off of eBay but won't get probably till the weekend but I have a riding trip on Wednesday and would really like to have the kx ready so I can test it. I have the new seals in but I need to know how much oil to put on each fork and i think someone could do me the favor and do a quick check on they're manual.


hey just saw your post im looking at my manual now. for the 95 the oil capicity is504-512ML...or 17 -17.3 U.S oz.

if you need any other specs just let me know

Thanks for the reply 97kx125. Good thing u told me because I went to and they only have the specs from 96-up and I followed that and had put 620 ml in them but I took the excess out with a big syringe I have.

Just one more question though does it say how many clicks in the stock forks?there set at 13 right now but the manual tell you how many clicks is stock?

Thanks for helping me out.

no prob. The compression adjustment is 8. and the Rebound is 10. Those are the standard settings

thanks 97kx125 youve been of great help.

good luck changing the seals. i found the video more helpfull than the book for changing the seals

Well got The seals put in but when I got the forks apart on top of the push rod (long skinny tube in middle of spring) I think is it's name, there is a Metal piece about 2-3 inches long with a hole in the center kind of looks like a big carb jet that goes on top of it with a skinny side and a fatter side, well I didn't pay attention when I pulled it out on either fork and don't know which side goes down on the inside the pushrod skinny or fat. Both ways it goes in and I don't know if it will be a big problem if I put them in the wrong way. Wonder if you remember which way they were on your forks 97kx125...

i think the side with the flat marking goes on top

Ok will do. and now for the last question, im taking my carb apart for cleaning and to adjust the float height does your manual give you the float height for the 95 kx125?

it doesnt give an exact number. the only numbers i am seeing are .630 and .039 inches

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