My basket case 90 LT250s


First off its been awhile since ive been able to enjoy TT!!!! Awesome site with tons of tech info.:ride: I sold my 99 yz250 smoker a while back after dislocating my shoulder pretty badly and needing some cash. Im happy to say though I should be back out in the woods very soon with less power, less investment, and now 4 wheels instead of two. :ride:

Anyways I picked up a 1990 LT250s(four stroke) to play around with today. Didnt know much of anything about it until I just spent the last few hours reading through 58 pages of any posts that had to do with the lt230's or 250's. Looks like this thing may be a little hard to find parts for but havent read a whole lot of things negative about it. I purchased it from a customer of mine for $300 bucks, supposedly it ran/drove fine when he parked it about a year and a half ago with a full tank of gas.:lol: He replaced it with a newer polaris utility ATV. I gave it quick look over, made sure the engine wasnt locked up and loaded it up. I figure if it needs a few hundred bucks in parts Ill still be plenty happy.

I plan on atleast trying to start it tomorrow after draining the old gas, possibly cleaning/checking the carb out, and installing a new plug. Its a complete bike with only a few issues that I see visually. Back brakes are almost gone, right rear fender is busted(may patch or just trim both sides???), the seat covering has a decent tear in it, and the rear grab bar is busted. Ill get some better pics tomorrow but for now here is a crappy cell phone pic. Im just excited to be able to ride again. :D


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