Help to the New-Bee '

This place is Cool'

Ok -So I picked-up A 94 YZ 250. Guy selling it all to try and stay afloat. This -Sucks' He cooked the top-end,parked it in the garage for 2yrs.

I have all the parts.

I picked up A new barrall,std ,new pistion,rings all the stuff.

When I got the cylinder-someone scored the power-vale out of it.I cleaned-it like new with oven cleaner-like new-----I put it in the new cylinder feels ok,but How do I adjust it ?

Also-The manual does not show a dead-on shot of the linkage and I just want to make sure that I have it set-up right'.

I will try to post some Pic's Any info would help-Thank's

prostreet Ray.

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