garage made WER mount kit for 09-10 kx250f

well everybody told me i couldnt make this kit, it was too difficult. it wouldnt work but yeah it sure did work and wasnt very hard at all. with some decent measurements and some common sense, a torch and hammer you can make one too! so pretty much on my bike the mount is very simple. here is a picture of how you attach it to the frame



now the first part is over. now you need to bend the plate that the stabilizer is bolted to so it will do a step. step over the front fender that is. now drill your mounting holes in the stabilizer mount plate. adjust the connection arm and your ready to rock! now my stabilizer is in need of an oil change and everything but this is how you would go about doing it. the plate i used is the plate for a drz400. wich didnt fit in any shape or way. i had to widen the mount holes in the plate, then widen them more, then cut 2 holes in each side of the plate, heat it up and bend it to the step. then mount it up





i did need to drill and tap holes into the frame in that spot. it does not effect the strength of the frame by any means and their stronger than rivets. just another reason why you shouldnt let people tell you how and that you cant do things. hope you all learned a little somethin! :ride:

interesting, good job! now make a bunch and paint em up good and sell em for big bux :ride:

Nice job! I'm having a bit of fun mounting a WER from a KDX to my KDX with a yz250 front end on it. Almost done!


Nice job. I had a WER damper before, my only complaint was that it didn't damp the same amount both ways, no matter how I adjusted it.

i have some questions for you that have had WER dampers, i bought this one used and when i felt it with my hand on the hardest settings it felt very stiff, but when its on the bike it doesnt even feel like the stabilizer is there! there GPR and scotts stabilizers ive ever felt deffinetly went hugely stiff the more and more i turned the knob. think this is only in need of an oil change? also if so, anybody have an idea how you DO change the oil? their website has no good instructions

The WER isn't constant damping like the scott's or GPR. Damping reduces the further from center. Also according to WER the damper is very speed sensitive, such that you would almost not be able to tell it's there from turning the bars with a bike on a stand.

If it felt very stiff in your hands when it was off the bike, it's probably as it should be.

Hey I want to see a pic of your number plate when you get finished hacking it up!


i just noticed my numbers arent 100% straight. now i feel retarded




Nah man, looks great! Getting the number plate to fit without lookin like total crap was about the worst part of the install IMO, lol.

yeah its definitely sucky, but the trick is to hide the damper as much as possible, i have mine as far behind the number plate as i can. i could hide it more but i wouldnt be able to do on the fly adjustment with the knob. but either way its very hidden now and from like 20 feet away you wouldnt even know its there! ill post a pic of the whole bike from the side and show you tonight

I like to feel my damper, I think I went up to 15W suspension oil in mine to get it to work how I wanted it too.

i think ill try 15 then

how tight is it when its all the way in? and all the way out

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