Breather tube rerouting

Just checked common threads and I'm still not certain on how I want to do this.:ride: The pictures that jones has posted have be removed or deleted, I would like to see how he did it. Everyone seems to be all over the board on this one. I would like to have it so any air being drawn into this tube will be filtered and the tube to catch the oil vapors to be pluged. Are there any issues with running tube to the filtered side of intake? Will the intake vaccum want to pull more oil vapors thru that tube. Whos got the answers? :ride: Looking for a clean factory look. Sorry for bringing up this old tpic:thumbsup:

I didn't like the tight fit I would have running 1/2 hose down by the shock. So I left the factory line in place on the front left of the engine w/o a plug. I cut the factory line right above the valve cover just before the bend and put a tee there. Then, the filered line ran straight back to the airbox. I was getting a kink where I ran it into the airbox, so I put a coupler fitting in that location to hold the hose round. The whole thing was a tighter fit than I thougt it would be.

I'm alittle nervous about making a hole on the filtered side of intake. Pinched/rubbing of hose near shock. Also possible leaking of dusty air and water at fiiting on intake over time.

Here's mine, has been working out great...the clear tubing exits with the carb hoses...





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