1998 RMZ250 Specs

My local dealer (not Suzuki) has a 1998 RMZ250 for sale for $1200. The specs have the RM at 213 lbs and the RMZ 230. What is the difference between the RM and the RMZ for that year?

???? No such thing as an RMZ250 in 1998..... Or a 230 for that matter....

I meant to say the specs had the RMZ at 230lbs.

ahh, that's about right, but now are you sure on the year?

RM 2 stroke......RMZ 4 stroke but not in 98

the first rmz250 was made as a joint project with kawasaki in 04

You must be talking about the 98 RMX 250...a two stroke trail bike, great bikes, I just sold mine for $1300, $1200 sounds like a decent deal if it's in good shape.

I smell mold........

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