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Hey guys, I'm selling my 250 SXF and 450 SXF. My 250 is pretty much sold, but I can't give away this 450. I put it back to stock besides Dr. D pipe, Hammerhead shifter, Renthal chain and sprockets (new), pro taper aluminum throttle tube, R&D powerbowl and a bunch of the little KTM hard parts orange billet peices. The bike is a 2008 has about 60 hrs on it, is in good shape, comes with 5 gallons of VP U4.2 in a drum, and a brand new hi-comp Wiseco piston kit and top end gasket kit (uninstalled). I've had it on Craigslist for about a month for $3,700 and not even a bite. I've lost all hope and last week was set on keeping it, but I just can't. I'm a poor 19 year old on his own with 3 KTM's and that's 2 too many to keep around. So what's the deal? Am I asking too much? Do people not want KTM 450's? I listed my 250 2 nights ago and have already gotten countless e-mails and a guy coming with cash in a few hours. What's a guy to do? Thanks in advance.

(sorry for the long winded post)

Man, unfortunately it is the sign of the times....economics that sux plain and simple. This causes the seller to take huge losses and the buyer to get great deals.

It is not just a KTM problem but every color bike that is used has just taken a beating on resale...makes no difference what you have invested in it, it will be a losing proposition. You are better off taking all the aftermkt crap off and selling this all separately.

The 250 will appeal to a larger audience - this is why it sold quick.

The 450 is a perfect example to the "Law of Diminishing Returns" so many out there for sale and not so many buyers.....the 350 will disrupt this even more. Then the 450s will be worth even less. The jap bikes are even worse...too many made. Supply far outweighs the demand.

Hurts to think about dropping 8k or more into a new 450 and it will be worth poop in 2 years....but this is what the used dirtbike market has become......It now makes more since than ever to buy a used bike over a brand new one unless you like heavy heavy depreciation or have more money than sense....could be worse...go buy a new boat.

Maybe once the sales for all brand-new bikes fall tremendously, maybe the manufacturers will lower the MSRP down to what the market should respond to. But realistically the prices will keep climbing to 9-11k US money range and the depreciation will be huge huge.. huge.

Look at it this way - it is a great time to buy a used bike...and it will only be better as long as the economy is in the toilet.

I guess you just have to wait patiently, or lower the price. Its hard to sell any used machinery these days. A friend of mine had a 06 Acura TL in mint condition and was asking $16500 and no one was interested so he decided to keep it.

I bought my 08 450 SX-F this past summer for $4800, and that dealer still has some left and is selling them for $4500 now. I've also seen a few 08 CRF 450Rs and even an 09 around that price too. I know I'd rather pay another $1000 for piece of mind in getting a brand new bike - I'm not saying you won't get what you're asking but its something to take into consideration.

I agree, return it back to stock. Post it for $3K and sell off all the extras.

Unfortunately I put it as back to stock as I could with parts I could. My stock header cracked, so I have to use the exhuast, shifter bent etc. I had much more on it (ignition, hard parts clutch and ignition covers, SXS triple clamps etc) and had at it a higher price. I was hoping less aftermarket stuff would make it look like less of a race bike (which most of us know, alot of racers take better care of a bike then Joe Trail Rider), and apeal to more people but no such luck. I've never had to sacrafice this much on a bike and still have trouble selling it. Very frusterating.

Montana's per capita income is probably too low to support a robust used dirt bike market.

Here in Denver, a used KTM will sell fast (within days) if priced right. We haven't suffered the same economic downturn as many cities in the US.

I'm not playing the "my city is better than yours" game, but I was surprised when you mentioned an 08 450 SXF for $3700 wouldn't even get a call. You'd get cash-in-hand buyers on the first day here. So I'm offering a perceived explanation.

Montana's per capita income is probably too low to support a robust used dirt bike market.

Here in Denver, a used KTM will sell fast (within days) if priced right. We haven't suffered the same economic downturn as many cities in the US.

I'm not playing the "my city is better than yours" game, but I was surprised when you mentioned an 08 450 SXF for $3700 wouldn't even get a call. You'd get cash-in-hand buyers on the first day here. So I'm offering a perceived explanation.

Very true. Almost every bike I've sold is to someone out of state. The guy who purchased my 250F today is from Washington. Didn't haggle me on price one bit and drove here next dday cash in hand. Was very happy. Maybe I sold it too cheap:lol: Do you think I'd get any bites if I listed it on Denver craigslist? Thanks. BTW, that Sun Enterprises shop you guys got there is incredible! I was real impressed.

nice photos of the bike make a big difference. The first look of a bike will have a buyer stay and look and read the info or click out and go to the next. Ive sold every bike over the past ten years within 1 week of posting it. If you want send me some original photos of the pictures your using to sell it. I will make them HD looking and make the colors pop. It really helps.

I agree with the other guys also with putting in back to stock selling it for less and selling off whatever aftermarket stuff you have. has a pretty good used parts classifieds section ive sold and purchased some stuff off there.

Watch a few on ebay to get a better price idea. My opinion is you are way high, and the 450s, especially MXers just don't sell. I had a really nice KXf450 down to $2400 last year, not a bite on 3 national forums.

You want the best return? Then part it out with realistic prices. It will all go eventually. KTMTALK is a great selling forum & you can check prices there. Be aware though, stuff, even parts, aint worth what is was worth a year or two ago.

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